RTStand LV124 – Innovative, flexible, efficient

Find sporadic errors for LV124

  • Tube Analyzer innovative data logging and analysis
  • Support of up to 400 pins in parallel
  • LV124 norm: E01-E22 electrical tests
  • Parameter tests
  • Climate Chamber control
  • Restbus simulation
  • Ultra-fast Interrupter for LV124 capabilites
  • RTStand test platform

Build on a flexible platform

  • Modular hardware setup
  • Modular software components
  • Quick adjustment to new requirements and new DUT types
  • Based on NI TestStand configurable test sequencer capabilities
  • Configurable software modules
  • Customizable RTStand User Interface
  • Configurable E-Test order
  • Powerful Log Viewers for fast data analysis

Reduce testing costs

  • Reduces up to 50% analysis times
  • Reduces up to 75% testing times
  • Reduces your Total Cost of Ownership
  • Immediate integration in the National Instruments world
  • Worldwide hardware support through National Instruments
  • Continuous software maintenance