Tube Analyzer – Hardware layouts for LV 124

The Tube Analyzer is available in the above 3 pin layouts for voltage measurements. The standard 19” form allows the Tube Analyzer to be integrated into various testing systems, such as the fully-automated RTStand LV 124, but also to be used as a stand-alone device.

Tube Analyzer F8

Tube Analyzer with 8 analog channels (1 is also used as analog trigger)

Tube Analyzer F24

Tube Analyzer with 20 analog, 4 PWM channels and digital triggering

Tube Analyzer F96

Tube Analyzer with 96 configurable analog and PWM channels and digital triggering

Tube Analyzer I6

Tube Analyzer with up to 6 channels for current measurement

Tube Analyzer – technical data sheet

Open the PDF in the browser tab : LV124_Tube_Analyzer_Datasheet.pdf

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