Ultra-fast Interrupter (UFI) – LV 124 Switching

The Ultra-Fast Interrupter was designed by WKS Informatik GmbH with the purpose of helping your test setup comply with the strictest LV 124 and LV 148 automotive norm requirements, like E10 and E13. Now available in 2 hardware layouts, for 11A and 125A, it covers a wide range of DUT current needs.

The UFI has the flexibility to be set into various function modes and fit to all customer needs:

  • Every switch follows the input signal up to f < 100kHz
  • Every switch has its own input trigger
  • Every switch complies with the edge steepness and speed defined in the LV 124 test cases E10 and E13
  • The power switch modes can be remotely configured (over an external hardware)
  • The input buffer capacitor canbe remotely activated and deactivated
  • Remotely setable between the 2009 and the 2013 LV124 norms

Through its control capabilities, the UFI is fully capable of being integrated in the RTStand HIL and simulation platform, as well as in other test setups, which require very short interruptions of signals.