Tube Analyzer – LV 124 features

Tube Analyzer focuses on precisely detecting even the slightest signal deviation from its defined limits. In order to do this, Tube Analyzer uses following modules:

  • Tube Analyzer TestRun Generator – defines the power supply simulation limits, according to the LV 124 definitions and limits
  • Tube Analyzer – the measurement core with innovative adaptive logging capabilities
  • RTStand / Tube Analyzer Log Viewer – allows the fast display and analysis of the logged data

The workflow of these components is displayed below:

Tube Analyzer TestRun Generator

LV 124 – Limits Generation

  • Easy and confortable measurement configuration
  • Import of ArbNet and TDMS curves
  • Generation of configuration files
  • Editing of existing configurations
  • Scalable, reliable and correct configurations

Tube Analyzer

LV 124 – Adaptive Logging

  • Overview of the measurement status and error count
  • Parallel execution of several instances
  • Remote control over standard National Instruments interface
  • Abort configuration options
  • Adaptive logging for all channels in parallel:
  • Signals are divided into Tubes
  • A Tube defines the limits and the time interval, during which the limit analysis of the measured signal is performed
  • If the signal is not within the defined limits, the data will be logged with a rate of up to 100 kHz (including pre- and posttrigger), otherwise with a configurable lower rate.
  • Reduces the amount of irrelevant information and the time spent analyzing the measurement results
  • The PWM signal components (Amplitude, Period and Duty Cycle) are analyzed independently

RTStand / Tube Analyzer Log Viewer

LV 124 – Data Analysis

  • Fast visualization tool for measurement data
  • Powerful data reduction algorithms
  • Confortable comparison of multiple channels
  • Multiple display options
  • Display capabilities for RTStand TDMS files
  • Default Word reporting

Tube Analyzer Device Brochure – Download here